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Name: Memorable Moment in Brewster - 18x36
Description: This was my first ever visit to Brewster's Home Field. I was welcomed to set up near home plate and as the game unfolded with intensity my brushes flashed in response. I happened to step forward with camera in hand and snap an image of #24's home run to put Brewster ahead 3-1. Brewster won the game in overtime 5-4 and the Championship 2-1 the original will sell for $3000 The prints are out and they are beautifully done... . *The 8x16 archival giclee prints sell for $125. * the 15"x30" archival canvas prints -sell for $500. rolled in a tube or $650. stretched and wired and ready frame or to hang as is. *Larger sizes available on canvas quote on request *shipping $35. or more for larger ones - to be determined based on size/location etc. Jim 303-641-3041

The web site is currently being updated. The paintings  have increased in value and new pricing will soon be in place. Thank you, Jim Freeheart

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