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30x30 Big Beach - Makena, Maui
24x20 Magic Moment at Wailea Beach - Maui $2000
36x24 Keawakapu Beach - Maui - Sold
24x36 Fun Colorful Morning in Wailea - $3200
Pipeline - Underwater Passion - 36x36 - $3900
12x24 Translucent Wave Wailea - Sunset Walk - Sold
24x36 Wailea Beach with West Maui Mtns.
Sisters by the Sea - 24x30 Commission - SOLD
36x24 Commission - Couple on the Beach
30x40 Overlooking Big Beach Maui- $3900
30x40 - North Shore View Looking into Magnificent Iao Valley  $3900
18x36 - Pastel colors at Keawakapu Beach - Maui $2600
18x36 (finger-painted piece) Wailea Beach - Looking South $2500
16x12  A Treasure on the Beach- $1200
Sketch for YouTube channel art lessons
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The web site is currently being updated. The paintings  have increased in value and new pricing will soon be in place. Thank you, Jim Freeheart

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