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20x30 First painting of Jaws (Peahi) Maui
30x30 Wailea Beach - Glassy Waves at Dawn - $3200
36x18 Beachfront Palms - Maui $2600
30x40 Sunflowers in Paradise - $3600
Sunflower Splendor - 36"x24" - $2900.
Violet Clouds over West Maui 30x40 $3500
 18x36 Freeheart Impression of Wailea Point
Cloudscape over Kaho'olawe 24x36 $2900
48x24 Magical Morning at palm Point $3500
 Moonrise at Hamoa Bay - Hana 30x40 $3500
20x30 Mamas Fish House $3000.
  Sprintime at Seabury Hall - Makawao 30x40 $3500
Kahoolawe - Molokini 40x30 $3500
Modern Hawaii Impressionism: Kaaholawe with windsurfers 24x36 $2800
Modern Hawaii Impressionism: 30x40 Path through the Palms
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The web site is currently being updated. The paintings  have increased in value and new pricing will soon be in place. Thank you, Jim Freeheart

Boulder Artist Painter
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